Will parents name their baby concerning googleability?

Names of children reflect their parents’ mind, religion, and hope for the children’s future.
We can catch a glimpse of it by see a name. But what we can see is not only intension of parents, but also status of family, such as left or right wing, poor or rich.
In Freaconomics, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner famously unearthed relationship between names and social status of families.
And naming trend is not laying on the same place, parents name a children to be more well in the future because of the name through sensing which name has nice impression in the society.


So, what about searchability of the name? Will parents want their boy to be easy to be found on the net, or reversely not to be searched? And what kind of people concern about it?


First thing I can say is, types of names that can be easily retrieved by Google or Facebook. It’s clear that a name overlapped with many people is hard to be found. Specifically if it is the same as a celebrity, the name could be buried with words mentioning the celebrity.
So, choice whether ordinary or eye-catching name is cross road that parents face. A parents demanding for being searched would take the earlier, the other could take the latter.


Second, What kind of parents want their children to be found?
Many factors are possible to join in. But I want to stay hands on a factor — poor or rich.

Which family will benefit by searching on the web?
For rich, the family probably has social capital in the first place, from other rich family or company, local where upper class live. In such well-endowed cradle, who rush to be googled by people? They don’t need to be searched.
But as a opposite, rich people seem to be more active on social networking in reality. And they want to get more friends without limit.

For poor, They have usually lack social capital. Internet is the great tool make contact and get opportunities without money. Poor people would want to be found by google.
But, there is also reality that poor seems reluctant social networking in the wider world. They seem to close the door  in local or friends.

As a whole I can’t point out which would pursue googleability as of now.

But if I talk about other aspect of naming of children based on rich-poor, it is known in Japan that poor children more often have bizarre names. The typical form of it is English-sound name, such as rhythm, Maria, Sky, something like that. I don’t actually know how poor family give their children names in other countries though.

The flexibility perhaps comes from lack of plan for the future of poor parents. So it may not contribute how poor people prepare for the future by children name.
Nevertheless it might shows low-class family can perceive present trend and confine the sense into children’s name.


Beside the main topic, when focusing on name and search engine, Erik Schmidt suggested You Change Your Name To Escape Online Shame. That is a way to manage risk in search for children. Even it can allow children to escape name that they don’t like but parents put on.


Data which would help the topic:

  1. List of children in poor / rich family, and search result that can identify it correctly.
  2. Comparison of poor / rich by how they are flexible.
  3. Questionnaire on what parents think when they determine their child in mind.

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