Review of Godzilla at just an hour after seeing it

This is the day of premiere of Godzilla in Japan. I had been keeping from spoiler as possible after the movie released other countries.

I saw it just an hour ago. And first off by the new monster. I can say I saw Godzilla vs a monster who is clover field monster and Zilla combined.
The villain monster, MUTOs have features of both, except for the wings. their stick-like limbs probably came from clover field, and the feature of the face, depositing eggs under the ground of NY, and eating something came from Zilla.
The two veteran monsters commonly landed on New York. A MUTO also flew on a building in a similar city, then roared. That seems a declaration who they are.

OK, so the challenger is the previous monsters.

But a point that disappointed me is their simple patterns to attack. EMP is a great ability, but their physical assaults against Godzilla are a sort of bites, fishing mouth, clinging, or stomping. That was a things that a huge insect monster can do. I expected a much more vicious monster.

For Godzilla, good. Although there is a scene letting me down when his windy flame came from his mouth like flare of a stove ignited, I love him.

I saw in a IMAX 3D theater. 3D effect is not always effective. But a kind of 3D setting is effective specifically. That’s when the scenes in the appearances of the monsters, the camera see the monsters through the window, often with back of a person. What I found from this is that the solid 3D window is nice for us to feel like being there. The window is like a wall, but at the same time this allow us to feel like the monsters is right outside.
From older Godzilla to Clover field and Godzilla in 2014, “monster movie from the view of a person” is a key feature. So I think this sort of 3D camera setting can be an alternative of first person camera or camera behind the back of a person, and cane be a new way of standard.

As a whole, the movie is the best Godzilla movie ever.

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