Blender: Electron Microscope-like images by particle system

Images by electron microscope is a sort of scientific art. These photos show structures that nature and living things can make commonly in macro and micro scale.
But the photos also make me feel that they are in utterly different space with eternal silence.

Blender’s hair particle system has many settings which can be fine-tuned. Of course, the hair particles are primarily used to make hairs of animals or humans. But hair is nothing but thin extrusions on a surface. The formations could be universal in nature.
The pioneer to look deeply into biological formations and other structures even made by humans as qual properties is Ernst Haeckel. His pictures could be called mimicry of microscope image.



It’s fascinating to see. So I wanted to make electron microscope-like pictures by myself. To do it, I changed The main four kink setting of hairs –curl, radial, wave, braid under the hood. The colors was tarnished to be more like microscopy.
And the result is nice.
I think such course of effort is promising. If the base object is not limited by sphere, mimicry of microscopic images can cover broader areas, such as faces of insects, viruses, bacteria, receptor proteins, or something.


The furry ball. This is very like a surface of a cell with chain of sugar in my mind. The sugar chains are responsible for recognizing external materials.


Curl: rondom roughness = 1


The actual cell image with sugar chain is this.


Next. It looks a knitted ball.


Curl: Flatness = 0.5

At microscopic level, I found that earbuds of iPhone have a similar knitted form.


Move on to the next. At the first sight I thought It was pollen-looking.


Radial: amplitude = 1, frequency = 2


Umm… the actual pollen images by SEM are more solid than I though. They are riddle with ragged road or spines. The CGI image above has hairs which converge at their tips. But I haven’t seen such hairs in microscopic pictures. Is there a real example for that?



I think this is a earth covered by network of something. But I don’t know if there is such ball with network in microscopy world.


Radial: amplitude = 7, frequency = 2


Another knitted ball.


Braid: frequency = 2

Not microscope one, but it reminds me frames of a wall in a Japanese traditional house.




This is a nut I think.


Braid: frequency = 7


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