Blender: Electron Microscope-like images by particle system2

The previous post Blender: Electron Microscope-like images by particle system settled on default hair thickness, “root:1, tip:0, scale:0.01”.

In this post, I changed thickness setting, and went further. I tested some with multiple hair systems, and colored materials.


I think it’s a cluster of icicles, and a quintessential form of all tentacles or pillars.


root:30, tips:5


I can’t hand over any examples for that. What does it stand for? Maze? Citadel? But at least it is curled thing anyhow.


root:30, tips:5, curl, flatness:1


For me, it’s an archetype of religious sculpture that describes plenty of bodies which reach out their limbs.


root:30, tips:5, braid, flatness:1

Like that.

Fall of the rebel angels

Fall of the rebel angels


Definitely, it’s a bundle of fibers, such as muscle cells or optical fibers.


root:30, tips:15





Bacterias during cell division? Or tablets of drug?


root:30, tips:15, wave, scale:0.3



I tested how hairs look like on a non-sphere object.



The curl can be seen on it more clearly than using sphere object. I found the hairs is like the hairs drawn by Da Vinci.



When root and tip of hair go thick, the shape becomes different. A shape like cream on a cake.


root:30, tips:5, curl


And how about growing thick hairs on a cylinder…? I made it, the famous tobacco mosaic virus-like virus!
I know, actual proteins of tobacco mosaic virus stack on spiral bone. But it could be achieved by small modification on it.




Multiple hair system allows me to make realistic moss.



Lastly, I created the full-colored picture. The jelly fish holds three types of hair on the outer skin.
As I expected, colorful materials are a burden to be realistic. It requires backdrops, shadows, and additional components which make it more realistic.
That said, I like it too.


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