Blender: Money fermentation machine

I made imaginary money fermentation machine. The idea came from arcade craw crane game.
But it’s just a test case. The actual goal is to make pie chart in 3D. And see, the container of the game is divided by plane. I saw it as a 3D pie chart during walking around an game center.


First attempt:

First images and a video are below. But there is an unrealistic flaw on them.  The waving bills pass through the glass wall. It is one of the major problem when particle collision is applied on the physics simulation.

The video is a little bit obscure, But in cycle render, it takes four hours to complete. The glitter lights and reflection take much time to render.

Nevertheless, I like those images. Because the scene that huge number of bills and coins is breaking the wall seems have meanings.



If I say, “Money wants to be free”, like information. Or “Money finds a way ” like quotation of Dr. Ian Malcolm.


Second attempt:

I like such brutal money. But I tried to make more accurate simulation without extruding wall.
The results are below.

Although there still are passing bills, most of them are more timid than before.
The trick is using double collision wall. In this attempt, I put a transparent wall inside the glass wall. Since the bills and coins are subjected to preventive action, vast majority of them are kept in the container.

But I see, a few bills still slip in the pocket of the wall.


Test version:

The below images are the test version of the images above.



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