CGI: Underlining document with hair

It’s a test for data visualization and data journalism.

The idea came in my mind when I was thinking what would be the alternative of underline if it is in 3D.
Some would think it is spot lights from the top, or ridges extruding from the paper.
But for me, it is hairs from where I want to emphasize. Below image is what I made for the idea.


The hairs only grow on the spot where Yuko Obuchi’s spending of political fund for watching base ball events or plays to her supporters. And it is suspected to be illegal payoff for voters.

Anyway, the hairs looks like eyebrows for me. If the angles of line change according to data type, it would represent emotional sign. Or flow of a line of hair could show direction of data, like upside or downside trend of candle chart on stock market.

The flaw of the hair line is that you can’t see the bottom of the hair area.


The hair lines go along with weight paint on a plane. The below picture shows how it looks.


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