Blender CGI: Cultured Escherichia coli in Biotech Lab

I finished modeling of petri dishes and culture medium with E.coli’s colony.
The below is completed scene in clean bench.



I made two form of petri dish –glass and plastic.
Glass petri dish is simple, it’a short cylinder with glass material.
Plastic petri dish is the thing I engaged in some features to make it realistic, and I am satisfied with the result. Unlike glass, plastic dishes don’t show black edges. And have a little anisotropic glow.



The plastic plate is used to culture cells so I created yellow glossy but translucent LB medium in the dish.
On the surface of medium, particle hairs of colony object grow.



To identify which contains which, description is commonly written with marker pen on the plastic. I set a plane on top of the plate with alpha transparent texture.


Culture plate that has been stored in cool atmosphere is covered with tiny droplets. I put hair particle of white sphere on the lid of plate. I think it’s successfully simulated.



My favorite part is the end of the seal going around the body. It doesn’t perfectly fit the shape of the petri dish.



Download the file:

Petri Dish with Bacteria Colony | Blend Swap.
The sequence images below is the development process of this.


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