Blender: Hair in glass ball experiments

I tested some settings of particle hair growing from a small sphere in a glass sphere.



First off, I made the most primitive setting. The black hair in glass. It seems to be hairs in water.



But at the same time, I thought the hair looks like magma beneath the earth. So I changed the material to heat metal material made by Alvarocgi in CC-BY-SA license.
It became the sun.



And also I feel it’s a dragon ball. I put a star mark inside the ball. Do you agree with me?



Next experiment is to thicken the hair. I also extend the hair to break the glass ball. Intelligent guard machine in Sci-fi?



Applying grotesque bacteria material created by Januz to the hair, the machine turned into a tentacle alien.



I confined the monster. It’s my favorite setting in the experiments since it gives me a feeling of foreboding in the future.




Download the file:

You can download the blend file of frozen tentacles from Frozen Tentacles | Blend Swap.


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