Blender CGI: Mimicking Rosalind Franklin’s DNA X-ray diffraction image


You can download the blend file from the blendswap page(Fake DNA X-ray Diffraction by Rosalind Franklin).


The image:


Fake DNA X-ray diffraction


I made the fake picture of X-ray diffraction of DNA by Rosalind Franklin.

Although she was able to make the image that implies the double helix structure of DNA, she couldn’t reach the conclusion and Watson and Click got the honor of being the first persons to reveal DNA structure.
The story was acted as a play, “Photograph 51“.

Below is actual image of this.


Actual X-ray diffraction image of DNA by Rosalind Franklin



Behind the scene:

The project was inspired by the abstract image By DimitrisC. When I saw this, I thought that it looked like DNA’s X-ray diffraction image in biology textbook.



The image uses roughness of glass for spherical blur of black spot. So I made a circle glass with spherical rough, then put between camera and black spot objects like below.


The spherical texture responsible for mapping spherical roughness from the center to the edge.



I also added scene node for grainy noise. Sobel filter do that.




This is CGI, so I can snap other objects.
Can you find out what they are below?



Removing scene node filter, it will more clear like below.



Deleting rough glass, You can see Pikmins and Olimar.




Pikmin objects was made by R-Man.

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