Blender: Dust material and particle

I made material and particle for dusty room.



Dust material for floor:

The dust on the floor depends heavily on the texture material of  Moss/Dirt Grower Material -Cycles by jakaboxjumping.
In fact, the whole project began my feeling that moss is very like dust.
To turn moss into dust, I modified the material node to moss’s RGB color to black white like below.



The coverage and intensity can be controlled the node by changing MossAge or Moss Coverage.
For example, the result of Moss Coverage=5 is below.


Moss Coverage=5

The result of Moss Coverage=1.7 is below.


Moss Coverage=1.7


Dust particle:

I also added the three types of particle- big dust, sand, and hair.
Big dust is randomized icosphere with volume scatter material.
sand is tiny icosphere.
hair is curve with black hair material.
The rendering result of these particle is this. I think there are such particles on floors in your house as well.


I may have to add other object as dust, such as peanut, fragment of snack, coin. But at least until today, I only made the basic dust components.


Other examples:

The material and particle can be applied other objects, for example sphere or monkey.




Also I made the fan-art of Pikmin using the setting in the next post(Fan-art CGI: Pikmin at dusty room).



Download the file:

You can download the blend file from Dusty Floor | Blend Swap.



The material for wooden crate is victorbied’s work bench.



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