CGI: Fake image of bacteria on SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

I made fake SEM picture of bacteria by Blender.
This is the revenge of my previous attempt (Blender: Electron Microscope-like images of bacteria).

I focused on the rough surface like blisters because it seems to be one of the quintessential feature of SEM images.
I applied displace modifier couple of times on the floor and surface of bacteria for the extrusion and roughness.
Also I took advantage of shadow filter to curve edges a a little bit on the whole picture.



The manifold shape is the feature of bacteria as well. I prepared three type of capsule –tiny, middle, and long. And copied them as particle with various sizes on the plane.



closing up the camera, you can see some different phase of roughness.



This is CGI, so I can do anything I want to. I dropped PRIDE open-finger gloves in the ballroom of bacteria.

Beside, I referenced the actual SEM picture.

Escherichia coli bacteria, SEM

This is the simplest image of SEM mimicry, and I am a neophyte of mimicking SEM. So I want to make more difficult but seductive images of SEM,  such as slime molds and viruses.


You can download the blend file from Bacteria on Scanning Electron Microscope.


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