Blender CGI: “One View of Mount Fuji” made of Hokusai’s prints

This is a papercutting artwork in 3D. The images are Katsushika Hokusai’s print series “36 Views of Mount Fuji”. I cut some of them and put it all together in one picture, which I call “one view of Mount Fuji”.



I imported the images as planes, then cut them along the edges by knife tool in Blender.

I used cloth simulation for hanging cloth on the bridge.
And I also used smoke simulation for smoke near the mountain.

The reason why I used smoke is to make arcs go toward the mountain Fuji. There are many arcs to the mountain in this picture: the wave, the bridge, the edge of cliff, and the mast.
Since I wanted to make one more arc for the composition, i added the smoke near the mountain.


Other angles:








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    • Thank you. I might make tutorial of the process when I make such a paper-cutting project.
      But it was quite simple, I cut image plane objects with knife tool in edit mode, then put them where I felt good.

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