Fan-art logo of new MMA organization “RIZIN FF”.

New MMA event that they regarded themselves as the PRIDE’s canonical hair, and try to reclaim the status.

The announcement of the event occurred just yesterday. It seems not to have the true logo for the organization.

So, I tried to make a original fake logo for RIZIN.


As you can see, It’s obviously inspired from the logo of PRIDE, specifically the hand at the center.
I think they coined it “RIZIN” to use Z as thunder: Because RI of RIZIN means thunder, and the Z’s diagonal line very fit to hand of PRIDE’ logo.

Since the hand is very like PRIDE FC that now UFC own, RIZIN FF probably include hand in the logo.
I include the hand in the way actual RIZIN organization perhaps can’t do.


Also I made a logo for “RIZIN FF” version. FF is a little bit round.



Behind the scene:

Someone may speculate that I trace the logo of PRIDE. But I made it by Inkscape from scratch, even the hand. So, at least UFC’s right for the logo of PRIDE was not breached.
The image below is a snapshot of developing process.



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