Blender: Changing text dynamically by Animation Nodes add-on

This is a series of nodes that changes text in the order of text list. The detail is explained below.

node_animation-nodes_text1This is a result video using almost the same node set.

Making index of text list:

node_animation-nodes_text2_index1To change text dynamically, You should make index number changes along with frame number of animation increases.

First of all, take current frame number by “animation > time info” node.
Then, divide the frame number by “number > math” node. The dividing number means how long a text is shown up. In this case, it is 10 frame.
The divided result is float so it is converted into integer by “number > convert float to integer” node. The integer is used as index of list later.

Making text list:

node_animation-nodes_text3_text-list1Make text list by “text > list” node, and input text in order that you want to show dynamically.
Add “list > get element” node. Connect text list to it, and connect integer node to it.

Changing text:

node_animation-nodes_text4_show1Finally connect the “get element” node into text in “text > object output” node. And you should register a text object in the node.
Plus, make sure to turn on “text” button in “text object output” node as the screenshot shows above. When you turn on the button, the color turns dark gray. If it isn’t turn on, the text doesn’t change.

  1. Well done! Love the way you write the posts, I’m tired of 20 minutes youtube tutorials when there is almost 3 minutes of total info. Here is well explained and detailed. Thank you!
    And by the way Animation Nodes is terrific!

  2. Am new to blender. I want to know if the text can even be made 3D as it is done with photoshop and illustrato.

    • Hi keong33.
      The text can be 3D because text object in Blender is 3D object. The demo video in this blog post looks 2D because it doesn’t change camera and angle of text object.
      So you can rotate or scale up-down the text if you want to do it.

      If you want to make thickness of text, select text object and go to T icon on the right menu, and increase “Extrude” value in “Geometry” tab.
      A basic tutorial for text object in Blender:

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