Blender: Shader material test for PDB protein

It’s a bunch of test images for protein data visualization from PDB, and rendered in Blender.

One of the typical material setting for protein structure is colorful ball as the image beneath shows. But unimpressed by this, I changed the material into others.



It’s the result from vertical gradient color and displaced by musgrave texture.
I think different colors in elements of atom are not necessary. Instead, positional distribution of color is good for it.
It’s as if the reddish dye is seeping up into the green body , while the particulates seem to be crumbling from the body.



Next up, I tried to apply the excrement material on the atoms. But these tiny atoms make it more like shimmering chocolate balls.



It’s translucent material.
I think It’s like aggregated red blood cells that can block blood flow in a artery; or smoldering rocks in volcano.
But I think translucency is suit for molecular images. I like it.


The nod for the translucent material is shown below.


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