Blender CGI: A Blender User

This is an attempt to make metafiction narrative in CGI.

I made the images by Blender.
The process was weary for me because I couldn’t use mouse of my Macbook Air, and the glare monitor in the dark room made fatigue in my eyes.
Also I have pain in my neck because I kept lifting my upper body during work to see the monitor at close distance.


This is a scene when the creature, “Vomitorella Patens”, settled on the keyboard of Macbook Air with swift rattling sound echoing in the dark, dusty room.
The creature extended its tendrils from the body, twitching on the keyboard and monitor. The yellow flecks all over the skin was a little bit flickering.



The creature was frantically typing keyboard and swiping its tendrils on the trackpad, seemingly making something on the computer.
The monitor displayed Blender window rendering a 3D scene.
The 3D image on the display was a scene when the vomit creature is sitting on Macbook Air emanating glare light from monitor in the dark room.



The CGIs makes me confident in my skill. Now I have decided to go out of serenity and reveal my existence to the world, and communicate with the world.



The computer is riccardo_pavone’s MacBook Air | Blend Swap with CC-BY-SA license.

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