CGI Idea: Remaking personal experience by first person view


About “Personal Computer Graphics” project:

This is part of “Personal Computer Graphics” project. The project seeks new ways of CGI expression in the era when people can make realistic CGI for free and for personal, by an open source softwares such as Blender.

It must be different from commercial projects like Pixar animation or hollywood movie or promotion videos of companies, which use expensive CGI software like Maya.
Expression of these commercial products is restricted by needs for raising funds, making a profit from mass market, and team management.
One of the characteristics of “Personal Computer Graphics” is freedom from such limitation.

The project is integrated in the Gitbook:
The Practice of “Personal Computer Graphics” with Blender.



First person view for communication:

Obviously, if I demand investment for CGIs of my POV, investors just deny it because it probably has no market value at all.
So CGI of first person view would not be a product. But it can be a way of communication through personal view.

Subjective view is very prevalent expression form among other media –novel, drawing, photograph, or talking. I assume that CGI of first person view is equivalent to them.


Comparison with other media:


Monologue is a way to express author’s own thought and view.
It’s a very good way to express complex thinking or detailed view.
But novel is nothing but collection of sentences. Author can’t deliver accurate image to readers because readers often get their own interpretations from sentences.


Drawing is an easy way to express creator’s own view.
Drawing can simplify experience and can focus on what creator wants to show.
Also, Simplification by line fits human’s mental view because humans don’t recognize things as it is. Simplified images are well-suited for understanding.
But drawing has difficulty to make realistic material that viewer feel as if things really exist. So drawing may not be good at sharing feeling of actual experience.


Snapshot is almost perfect first person view. And it’s real, for sure.
But if you miss to take picture of a moment, you can’t remake it forever in many cases.
There are many techniques to express photographer’s feeling into a picture by angle, color, or post-processing. But manipulating picture at will is difficult even by photoshop.


Usage of CGI of first person view:

Remaking a personal moment:

By CGI, you can remake a moment when camera didn’t take a picture.
For example, decisive moment of a incident or what you saw just after you were dumped by girlfriend.

Reconstructing and distort experience:

By CGI, you can reconstruct your experience as you felt. CGI is not photograph so you can change reality into what’s in your mind at a whim.
There is also advantage over other media, such as drawing. CGI is fake but can be almost-real. So it can provide an alternative reality by realistic material, object, and atmosphere.
And distorted reality is sometimes more realistic for human’s mind than actual photo.

Leaving subtle hint:

CGI can draw slight attention for part of image. Photograph is also good at this.
If hint is melted in a image naturally, views almost miss the most important point, but if they see the image carefully they notice what it is.
If the effort achieves success, you can share the experience when you found a thing in your sight.
By contrast, It’s difficult to convey such feature by literature and drawing, because all the element of literature and drawing seems to be intentional.

Talking through CGI:

CGI can be talking about your life.
Talking is usually conducted by words. But CGI of personal experience itself can be visual counterpart of talking by words.
The usage suits for those who are visual learner because they tend to receive and give meaning by visual information.


Case Studies:

Remaking personal experience:




The CGIs above are remake of my daily experience in biosafety cabinets while I was preparing culture of Escherichia coli which contains plasmid in the cell.

The images are not artwork, and not a perfect remake of my experience. The CGI itself is my talking through reconstructed reality along with my mind.
It represents what I focus on while I am working there.
You can see how I put lids of culture plates, memos by maker pen on the plates, how micro tubes are arranged, water drops on the cooled cell plates, how I hold the micro tube and micropipette.
Also, hopefully it gives you feeling about the loneliness and tediousness during the labor by the light and atmosphere.[1]


Remaking moment when an idea came to mind:


This is remake of view when an idea came to my mind.

The idea is that mass surveillance makes sense of unity among citizens as victim and it could be a kind of social capital between social classes.
The idea came when I saw flash hallucination of icon NSA in the smartphone. I thought it’s like a social communication app about NSA.

In the CG image above, the NSA icon on the smartphone is natural and at the first glance, you may almost miss the weirdness. The naturalness and feeling when you notice the icon is what I want to share with viewers.

Also, the picture can’t be taken easily without google glass because the left hand hold smartphone and put index finger of right hand, so I can’t take the photo by hand. It’s an impossible picture without wearable camera.[2]


Tips to make CGI of first person view:

Body parts:

Sometimes arms or other body parts objects is necessary if you want to make first person view, like FPS game. The links below help you to make such body parts in Blender.


You can make background texture by taking picture of your neighborhood.


If you need an item for a scene, you can either make the object on your own or reuse object which other people already made.
Blendeswap is a website to share blend file. Reusing object from the website ,along with creative commons license, is easier than making object from scratch.




The original blog post is Blender CGI: Everyday Life in a Molecular Biology Lab – Gappy Facets.
Hand object is Simple Hand Rig | Blend Swap by UP3D.
Micropipette object is Micropipette for Biotechnology | Blend Swap by me.
Petri Dish object is Petri Dish with Bacteria Colony | Blend Swap by me.
Microtube object is Microtube of Biotechnology Lab | Blend Swap by me.


The original blog post is Mass surveillance provides us with a sense of unity? – Gappy Facets.
Hand object is Simple Hand Rig | Blend Swap by UP3D.
iPhone object is iPhone 5S – White | Blend Swap by sorrisos.
The image above is fan-art.

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