CGI Idea: Remaking personal illusion


About “Personal Computer Graphics” project:

This is part of “Personal Computer Graphics” project. The project seeks new ways of CGI expression in the era when people can make realistic CGI for free and for personal, by an open source softwares such as Blender.

It must be different from commercial projects like Pixar animation or hollywood movie or promotion videos of companies, which use expensive CGI software like Maya.
Expression of these commercial products is restricted by needs for raising funds, making a profit from mass market, and team management.
One of the characteristics of “Personal Computer Graphics” is freedom from such limitation.

The project is integrated in the Gitbook:
The Practice of “Personal Computer Graphics” with Blender.


Advantages of remaking personal illusion in CGI:

Realistic visual illusion:

Illusion is false interpretation of sensory stimulation that occurs in our brain. In this psychological state, we receive imaginary things as reality, at least at first glance.
Photo-realistic CGI of illusion is a good way to remake such experiences.

Easy to make:

3D object is reusable. You don’t have to make realistic object from scratch. Many object has already been shared on websites, such as Blendswap.
It is often easier than drawing especially for those who don’t have much of drawing skill.

Illusion as a creation:

Remaking personal illusion itself can be a creation.
Since illusion is sometimes unpredictable combination of images even for creator, It could be a creative approach to make an artwork.

Using for thinking:

Illusion can be used for thinking through unexpected combination of things.
For example, if you feel that a map of country looks like an animal, it means that you accidentally relates data of map with animal.
Another example, if you see a illusion, you can think “what if it is real?” or “how to make it real?”. The questions are seeds for creative thinking.


Case Studies:

Suzanne Monkey Popcorn:



The idea of monkey popcorn came from my illusion when I was eating popcorn. I saw many monkeys in the bag of popcorn as I reached hand into it.
The popcorn above is a remake of the illusion, by merely adding displace modifier to suzanne monkey.


U.S. Whale:


When I see U.S. map, I always can’t help but see a whale in U.S. like the image above. The reason is probably the shape of the country and division line of states.
But if I say that U.S. resemble a whale, people would not be understood what I mean. The image show what I see in U.S. map.
It was very easy to make. The image is just a colored U.S. map with eye ball.


Lorenz Attractor Owl:


when I saw Lorenz attractor in a book, I felt being watched by something not a human. I found that it is like eyes of owl.
So I put the Lorenz attractor in the face of owl. The resulted image is what I saw in the book.







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