Blender CGI: 3D Yen Coin Collection

I made 3D model collection of yen coins with Blender. It includes 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 yen coin.

dust_floor_wooden_yen-coin1_put1_1 dust_floor_wooden_yen-coin1_put2_angle1_1



All of them have head, tail and side materials. And the materials are engraved by displacement with black/white texture.

I made original black/white textures for displace by hand in Inkscape.

The black/white texture for one yen is SVG: Vector Image of One Yen Coin – Gappy Facets.
coin_1en_bw2_svgThe black/white texture for 100 yen is SVG: Vector Image of 100 Yen Coin – Gappy Facets,

Displacement texture for other coin is simply generated by black/white converter to original coin texture.


Material Node:

The node setting below is head of 100 yen coin.
The basic material is mixture of glossy and anisotropic shader.
Displacement takes responsibility of engraving on coin.
The noise texture is used for bump and roughness on the surface.


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