Volunteer and journalism are complemental activities for kids

Volunteer and Journalism Activities:

Both of volunteer and journalism are contribution for society without direct purpose for money.

But there is difference between volunteer and journalism:
Volunteer activity is based on social confidence that is already existing, While journalism activity doubts social system and confidence on society.

From this aspect, Volunteer and journalism have contrast in its attitude to society.
In other word, it would be complemental activities each other to associate society.

I assume here that the relationship between volunteer and journalism is equivalent with exchange of military service and social service in conscientious objection.
Some countries, which have conscientious objection system, allow to swap military service and civilian service each other.
Likewise, I think volunteer and journalism can be replaceable or complimentary.


The fun-art CGI below is the analogy of relationship among social trust, volunteer, and journalism.


In the analogy, volunteer activity is hanging on social trust to help people. Journalism is trying to detect melanoma cells in social system and repair it.
And both of the activities is necessary for maintaining health of the entire system.


Journalism Activities by Kids:


Journalism activity can be defined in broad way. But I define journalism as activities to doubt social system.

  • Reporting incident in local community. For example, car-crash or criminal cases is rift of social system that should have provide safety for society.
  • Reporting and analysis on corruption case in local public institution. It is direct observation on social system with doubt.
  • Check inequality in local community. If social system should maintain fairness on member of society, inequality is possibly a result of failure of social mechanism.
  • Interviewing public authorities. It is an activity to gain information directly from sources, not from secondary information. It is one of activities to doubt indirect information.


Is early journalism education good for children?:

There seems to be a prevailing belief that nurturing trust to society is good for children until they will become grown-up.

A reason may be the concern that children’s untrusting society would cause inclination toward immorality and criminal in the future. Or more simply, it would distort ideal growing process for children.
if it’s true, early journalism education should not be approved.

For example, A kids who reported murder case has been criticized in online communities: Nine-year-old reporter faces backlash for covering homicide | Fox News.
Covering murder is probably too heavy for children because it could left kids trauma.
Nevertheless I think there is some good reason to admire children’s doubting social system earth on.

People especially in upper class have more trust on society than lower class.
But the trust could be result of separating risk and imposing risk on lower class. In other words, upper class’s trust on society is their blindness on bottom of the social system.
If children of upper class live in such society, their growing up with trust on society is a kind of bigotry, and may nurture affinity to corruption in the future through collusion on the system.

If such assumption is valid, early journalism education can be “detoxication” for upper class.

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