CGI: Colony of guard cells in deep water

This is a CGI images of my biological sci-fi idea.

The colony:

The colony is formed by guard cells. The guard cells were originally part of stomata of plants. Within 1-2 hundred million years ago, the cells were separated from tissues and evolve to form colony.

The each guards have two translucent compartments. They keep luminescent microorganisms in the room.
The light emitted from the compartments basically gives energy for a colony of guard cells.  But colonies uses the light as signal to communicate or alarm to enemy.

torus_guard-cell_bean2_material1_water1_1 torus_guard-cell_bean2_material1_water2_1


Making the object:

I made the basic shape of guard cell by double simple-deform modifier with empty.

Then I applied array modifier to the cell to make colony.

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