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This is a new blender add-on, “Crack It”. It can make cracked object from selected object.

By the add-on, you can make, for example, tree, rock, excrement, etc.






Blender 2.79 or later:

  1. You don’t have to download any file, because the addon is officially shipped with Blender.
  2. In User Preferences > Add-ons,  enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture Crack It’ addon, AND enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture‘ addon. And save user settings.

Blender 2.78 or earlier:

  1. Download the zip file. And in Blender, go to File > Use Preferences > Add-ons, click “Install from file”, and select the zip file.
  2. In User Preferences > Add-ons, enable ‘Mesh: Crack It‘ addon, AND enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture‘ addon. And save user settings.


Basic Tutorial Videos:


How To Videos:



Basic Usage:

  1. Make sure to enable ‘Object: Cell Fracture’ addon before use the addon.
  2. Select an object (High-poly objects take much time to make cracks).
  3. Find the addon’s location in create tab in the toolshelf left. It’s usually the same tab of ‘Add Primitive’.
  4. Set crack values and click ‘Crack It’ button. It makes cracked object with some modifiers.
  5. Tweak modifier setting. Decimate modifeir to simplify shape, Smooth modifier to smooth shape.
  6. Select material preset and click ‘Apply Material’ button.




Crack Option:

  • ‘From Child Verts’: Use child’s vertices and position for origin of crack.
  • ‘Scale X/Y/Z’: Scale of crack. To make long crack like bark of tree, decrease scale of an axis.
  • ‘Max Crack’: Max number of crack. Notice that if you increase it too much, calculation will take long time.
  • ‘Margin Size’: Margin of crack. To make more gap of crack, increase it.
  • ‘Extrude’: Extrusion size along with object’s normal.
  • ‘Random’: Randomness of crack’ rotation and scale.

Material Preset:

  • ‘Excrement’: Poop or shit.
  • ‘Mud’: Mud.
  • ‘Tree1_moss’: Mossy Tree.
  • ‘Tree2_dry’: Dry Tree.
  • ‘Tree3_red’: Red Tree.
  • ‘Rock’: Rock.


Download Result objects:



present_rizap_shit1_0058 present_rizap_rock1_0023present_rizap_tree1_0026 present_rizap_wireframe1_0045

crackit_avoid-bad-shape1_1 shit_fracture_deer3


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  4. Hello! I’ve set the add-on, but it doesn’t work. I switched on “Cell Fracture”. But any way it unworkable… What version of the Blender works with this add-on? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Paul, thank for trying this addon. The addon is developed in Blender2.77b, so I recommend using it in 2.77b.

      And can you find “Crack It” panel on toolshelf as tutorial video shows? If the panel doesn’t exist, “Crack It” addon seem to be not activated.
      So please make sure to enable “Crack It” addon and “Cell Fracture” addon, and click “save user settings” in “Addons” window in “User Preferences”.

      If there is “Crack It” panel but doesn’t work even in Blender2.77b, please let me know more detailed condition of the error.

  5. I’ve tried several times to install to Blender 2.78, and though the User Preference reports it was installed, and it IS in the Roaming/ directory under addons, it does not appear as an option in Blender’s User Preference list of addons. I’ve enabled Cell Fracture, hit refresh, still nothing. No errors reported by the console. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi, bobnolin. Thank you for the report.
      Crack it addon should be named as “Mesh: Crack It” in Mesh category in User preference’s addon panel.
      For test of your report, I downloaded and installed crack-it addon in Blender2.78a and 2.78b. And it succeeded in Mac OSX Sierra.
      So, please see if crack it addon appears in Mesh category, or place an unpacked crack-it folder (including,, and in correct addon folder for 2.78.
      And if it don’t resolve the problem, please more information, such as screenshot of user preferences panel, and OS.

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