Useful catalog of Data Visualization – Many Eyes

Which type of visualization should be used for a dataset in hand, is one of the first problem in the way to complete the work. Many Eyes, where you can easily choose and create an interactive visualization from22 types, has a page that can be used as a data visualization catalog. On the Visualizaion types section, there are descriptions about major 22 types of visualization, including Scatterplot,  Bubble Chart, Word Tree, Network Diagram, Maps. Many Eyes catalogs Taking Scatterplot for a example, It shows you the datails of that: What data type can be employed, what is represented on x or y axes, how to tinker the plots and customize it, and I think best of all, data requirements — a needed data structure arranging appropriate columns, rows and data types for parse it,  followed by an actual example. That was useful for me to browsing and compare each visualizations, especially in terms of get to know how I should rearrange csv files in good order for intended types of visualization. Moreover, the website allows you to upload those data or reuse other people’s uploaded data, then quickly make  a visualization from it.

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