Japanese version of Data.gov opened.

On December 20, 2013, the Japanese government’s official data center, DATA GO JP released by IT Strategic Headquarters, although it is still beta. The web site apparently based on CKAN, and aims to streamline access to the official data throughout ministries and agencies.
But I found another website aiming for open government by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry —Open DATA METI | 経済産業省のオープンデータカタログサイト. –Is it due to well-known “vertically-segmented administrative system” of Japanese government?


Whatever it is, we are in the deteriorating situation as for open. Japan is going to pursue the way for more closed information (Read: Japan whistleblowers face crackdown under proposed state secrets law) and  protecting intellectual property right on the web world, with reverse ran.


So, the new website is good news. But how it will go far is unclear, when take a recent example related to the most urgent issue — Fukushima’s condition. We have experienced unbelievable cover up by government and media for three years.

In this viewpoint, I think the data repository page could be used to keep eye on how consistent they open data, and how lack it is, by comparing with other countries’ data.gov site.
For this, the first thing to do is of course integrate those data rightly for public. Does API on the page allows it? Sorry I’ve just find the website, I’ll check it later.

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