crowdcrafting and PyBossa, tool for open-sourcing human recognition power.

Open knowledge Foundation is leading open data movement. It has a lot of advanced websites let us glance at how future of open data could be.

In the very my first post, I wrote what we/I need for more effective way for data visualization, is utilizing human recognition power which let data join together utterly different dataset. It is not a separate task between human and computer. I mainly imagine it would be a politics and criminal-detection related website though, the foundation already made such a web applications.


(Captured image from crowdcrafting)

crowdcrafting is powered by the PyBossa software, which “is an open source platform for crowd-sourcing online (volunteer) assistance to perform tasks that require human cognition, knowledge or intelligence”. Like precedent ,, e.g. Galaxy Zoo and Foldit, it is driven by we human to solve the tasks that computer has its downside in efficiency or accuracy.
Users can contribute tasks and create task either. It’s not surprising that many are tasks to classify part of a picture. But the platform seems to be able to work for data binding with another dataset showing a chart or data visualization.

PyBossa is based on Python, so it apparently easy to implement. Sorry I haven’t run a test for it, so there may be some difficulty to make. I am going to do this.

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