Yakuza’s concealed military weapons seized in many place of Japan.

At the end of 2013, the news article remarks that the number of the seized pistols is declining. 95 in 2012, which means only about 10% of the peak over 24 years. And in 2013, it is only 55 at least until the end of the October.

But there are two paths to interpret it; the mobs are calming over time or they are more sophisticating to conceal their weapons.


Jumping to earlier 2014 today, the police has been finding the many weapons from the yakuza’s hiding places all over Japan. The majority is pistol. But gangs seemed to prepare some military heavy weapons, which are looks arm of terrorists.

Hidden pistols and grenades in an apartment in April, Fukuoka; pistols and a US-military rifle, which looks M4, in a house in January, Kanagawa, the picture of the seized weapons is below;
and just yesterday news covered the discovery of shells of rocket launcher in apartment in Osaka. The police assumes they are yakuza’s gear.


So who do they use it for?

gangs’ war is one possible way, but recent situation of the yakuza would make them use it for residents.

My previous post shows the fierce battles of the yakuza against the police and residents in the far far western region of Japan, especially Fukuoka. The gangs in the region concealed military weapons including rocket launchers.
They target not only opposite gangs but also business owners of construction, electric, bass, shops, and leader of anti-yakuza movement.

It was spurred by toughen crackdowns of the region with yakuza-exclusion ordinances. The wave has been nationwide. Now all of the Japanese prefectures have such ordinances, and bolstering them up.
As the anti-mob movement rises, the yakuza’s transformation into ferocious terrorists would become nationwide.

In fact, some hidden weapons in above news are assumed possession of “Yamaguchi-gumi”, the biggest yakuza syndicate of Japan. I would be tacit prophecy of firing against citizens in the near future.

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