An Iranian boss of the yakuza arrested.

In March, 2014, the boss of the yakuza group “桂真会”, seemingly called “Keima-kai” was arrested for possession of guns in Saitama city —near Tokyo.

What is unusual is that, he is an Iranian, came to Japan 35 year ago, and three years later become a gangster of the yakuza. He is 59 and leaded a tertiary syndicate of one the three biggest yakuza syndicate, “Sumiyoshi-kai”. His group was relatively tiny, containing 5-6 person below.

The group was dismissed last year though, when he was cracked by the police, he denied the possession of pistols with fluent Japanese and righteous behavior of yakuza’s boss. The police assumed he had aspire to be a yakuza from gang movies and novels.


Japanese mobs are usually regarded as local, but the yakuza and foreigner have always had relationships in entire modern history.

Korean is substantial component of yakuza syndicates.
Sometimes Russian weapons are discovered in Japan meaning there are Russian connection.
South-eastern Asia is one of the source of human traffic.

In famous Jake Adelstein’s non-fiction “Tokyo vice”, he inspected European prostitution by the yakuza’s broker. Surprisingly, Harry Potter will act the protagonist who are drown to underground of Japan. The movie will start shooting in mid-2014.

2013, Obama pointed fingers the names of some gang’s bosses including just “Sumiyoshi-kai”, with economic sanction.


In this case, the police conjecture that the connection of Iranian’s black market of methamphetamine benefits for the Iranian boss and superior bosses.
The news would reflect that the yakuza are seeking foreign connection even in the home country.

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