Road to Fukushima: “Personal donations” of electric power companies’ board members to political party.

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I made animated visualization about “personal donations” of Japanese electric companies’ board members to the Liberal Democratic Party.
The details are in the animated visualization page link above.

The LDP is dominating Japanese administration over 50 years since 1955.
Japanese electric companies have been publicly proclaiming that they don’t donate to political parties because of publicness of the operation.

But you can see the well-adjusted amount of money based on  positions of a board. It means the donations were not personal, but organizational.
And they send money to the ruling party with companies’ intention, cheating on Japanese citizens.

The moneys could explain why the countless frauds and breach of regulations happened and remain in Fukushima nuclear disaster.

I made The chart as a kind of data journalism project that find or present hidden patterns form public data, and uncover a fact.

Images from the animation:

personal_donation_2007 personal_donation_2008 personal_donation_2009 personal_donation_2010 personal_donation_2011

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