Blender: Video texture for effect and two screen

Textures in Blender can display external files, image or video.

The video texture can be used many ways.

Videos on Rolling cubes:

A movie I made is rolling video cube like above.
Whether cool or uncool depends on the condition and other effect. But It seems not easy to insert into common video.


Two screen video:

In contrast to rolling cube, Two screen is cool for many case. The objects are just two plane putting up on their faces, and stand in front of the camera.
Effects like flash can be overlapped on the surface.

The downside is difficulty of fine-tuning of timing. You would like to synchronize two video, but in Blender Checking texture of a frame is not automated as far as I know.

But as a whole, I think the video texture is fundamental for making intro video using Blender.

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