Another video recording violence against school boy in soccer club

New video that recorded violence against student was uploaded.

About 4 minutes 10 seconds in the video, the head coach swiftly kicked the student’s belly. While the boy was rolling over holding his belly, the head coach threw the ball to the kid.

violence_soccer_kick_2014-07-02 2.21.55

violence_soccer_ball_2014-07-02 2.23.57




It seems to be  accidentally recorded behind the goal post  when someone was shooting the soccer game of other teams.

It happened on May 18 at the soccer ground in Toyama city, Japan, during the elementary school’s soccer tournament of Toyama prefecture.

The boy is 11-12 years old in the club.
According the interview in the local news(KNB), the head coach himself said that he kicked because the boy wasn’t stop  joking around before the important game upcoming .


Slight penalty for violence:

The 36 old man got the penalty been banned coaching until next two years.

So, as always violence against student, he is not accused of assault charge and violate of human right.

Soccer is known less violence on boys than other club activities such as baseball and Judo, because coaching soccer is required license by Japan Football Association, plus changing clubs is relatively flexible.
Nevertheless soccer kids also have been subjected on violence, and adults are almost freehand about how they punish.

Thanks to recent mobile technology, a few videos have been uploaded, but these are definitely tips of the iceberg. Many students who ware ruptured the eardrums, broken the bones, got damages for entire life and killed by superiors in club activity, haven’t been revealed on news medias and youtube yet.

  • Another video recording violence against school boy in soccer club
  1. I’ve posted this on Facebook with a note that people passing it around can help to raise awareness so that pressure can be put on our government(by us Canadians) to encourage your government to do something about this problem.

    I wish those people could realize that by hitting children, they are teaching those children to attack others.

    When all the children grow up to be violent, war is inevitable.

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