U.S. extended the organized crime’s sanction list to the yakuza, Kudo-kai

On July 2, U.S Treasury Department released the decision to extend its range of target of  financial sanction for organized crime syndicates. The new targets are the Camorra, Kudo-kai, the Brothers’ Circle, and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). They are scattered about the world.

The designated individuals of Kudo-kai are Satoru Nomura, the President of the Kudo-kai, and the Kudo-kai Chief, Fumio Tanoue.

For yakuza, now that the listed syndicates are the Yamaguchi-gumi, Sumiyoshi-kai, Inagawa-kai, and the Kudo-kai.

I don’t know how freezing assets and prohibit transaction of the crime groups in the U.S can bother them. Kudo-kai looks bloody, but local figure in Japan.
But the U.S.’s announce could be a signal for more of the pressures on them in many ways.


Context – Yakuza are becoming more ferocious:

I already put a post on conflicts between Kudo-kai and the police three month ago (Recent police and residents conflict with yakuza armed with military weapons.). So See if you want to get more of the incident and context.

Kudo-kai leads recent yakuza’s transformation, from local boorish fixer to relentless gang. The trend was proceeded by the laws that tighten regulation on the Yakuza, such as anti-yakuza law and yakuza exclusion ordinances.

Yakuza had the moral not to harm citizens so that the criminal groups was accepted mildly in Japanese society. Now that they threw away the chivalry.
They shoot, bomb set fire to board members of infrastructural companies or employees of shops who probably denied paying money because of the new law/ordinances.


What did Kudo-kai do?:

Kudo-kai is doing that in the most brutal ways, although it is a tiny group compared by other yakuza, like Yamaguchi-gumi.

The most significant assault for incumbent Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. In 2000, A gang of Kudo-kai threw bottle granade into Abe’s home in Kyushu,where Kudo-kai holds their territory.

In recent days, Kudo-kai is becoming to attack police officers and citizens, for example:
They exploded the executives’ house of Kyushu Electric Power and Seibu Gass with grenade in 2011. A former police officer in charge for Kudokai was shot in serious injury in 2012. A office of a construction company was shot in 2011.

The police found that Kudo-kai was reserving other heavy weapons such as machine guns and a rocket launcher.


Rather than equipping weapons, they also fights on the court.
On January 18, 2013, they filed a lawsuit against the public safety commission of Fukuoka and Yamaguchi, claiming that the amended anti-yakuza law breaches freedom of expression and freedom of association.

And even on youtube.
Kudokai1888 channel on youtube uploaded several sound-only videos that appeal the aggressive police’s inquiry against a member of the yakuza on the street, maybe for protesting it.



There is a Al Jazeera’s documentary on Yakuza, which includes interviews about Kudo-kai.

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