3D worldmap by D3.js and Blender via SVG

As is the case with the previous post, 3D chart by D3.js and Blender, via SVG, I made a 3D world map with realistic materials and lights by D3.js and Blender.

First of all, I made the ordinary world map by D3. And save the map as a svg file by the Chrome’s bookmarklet SVG Crowbar.


Then the svg was imported into Blender like below. The countries can be separated to move, scale up, or change material individually.



I changed the materials of USA and China. The objects of biggest two countries in economical aspect became light emitter.
In addition, the material of background plane is changed to rusty metal to reflect the light.

3dchart3_worldmap2_emission4As you can see, the reflection of color light on the background makes you feel how the biggest two countries have the huge presence in the world.

D3 itself and even three.js have difficulty making such a visual effect. In contrast, The 3D worldmap takes a few minutes to make if not take into account the rendering time.



You can download the blend file from Worldmap Separated by Country | Blend Swap.

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