CGI: New vomit-mimicry species was discovered.

Covering a sphere mesh on ivy by shrinkwrap modifier in Blender, I made the new creature named Vomitrella patens.



You can now download blend file for free from Vomit Creature | Blend Swap.



The first look of it.


About the species:

The new species was discovered on a street of Kabukicho, one of the biggest downtown in Tokyo where many businessmen come bar-hopping during whole night.

The organisms probably urbanized themselves at some point of the evolution. What is significant of them is their shape of body and habitat. The shape has highly similarity to vomit in streets. Actually, the three samples which had been taken were clinging to power poles where the “vomitting site”.
They seemed to adopt the environment by mimicing vomit.

They appear to utilize the power poles for expanding their territory and reproductive activity.
Some of them climb on the top of the pole with other one, then jump to the bottom of another pole.
Copulation perhaps happens on the top of the power poles in the city.

Although some characteristics was already revealed, its phylogenetic taxonomy based upon both genetical and anatomical evidence is still unknown.
The samples were sent to NIH(National Institute of Health) and they are under investigation for DNA sequencing and Genome-wide comparison with other model species.


From above.


The discoverer tried to capture it by raw hand, then gave up.on it. Fortunately for him, the creature has poison on its skin.


It can change the pattern of the skin along with external environments.


Under the hood of the images



The hand object came from Rigged Hand | Blend Swap by DennisH2010.

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