Blender: CGI X-ray photogram of vomit creature

I made mimicry pictures of X-ray photogram. The objective is the newly-discovered vomit creature “Vomitrella patens” that I created in the previous post.
Oh, to be clear, it’s an imaginary CGI monster you can see at below.

It’s mimicking puke on street. And someone is stoically reaching his hand to it.



And It’s X-ray image of it. See, X-ray passes through the body and send the wave back where the ray hits

The creature lays flat its lower body and makes its upper body upright. But It has bones through out the body. It’s obvious, because the monster was created by ivy generator and shrink wrap modifier to wrap the ivy tentacles in Blender.


The below is actual X-ray photo.



The another picture is blue-tinged.



There is also an equivalent real photo of X-ray.




To make transparent body, I applied AM_Fish Net_OSL from Meta s Massive Cycles Matlib v15 Alpha | Blend Swap.
And to invert black thick area to white like X-ray photo, I add Invert node. Optionally I add bright/contrast node as well. The below image shows that.



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