CGI Food: Photo-realistic Salmon Caviar “Ikura-Don”

This is my first project to make a photorealistic object.

The object is Ikura-don, which is a rice bawl food with salmon caviar. It tastes like sushi of salmon caviar, but is more rich and gorgeous because you can devour huge amount of them.

It contains salmon caviar, rice, disposable chopsticks, and bawl.
The other reason I chose Ikura-don is versatility of them. Salmon caviar can be used as monster’s egg or eyeball or 3D bubble of bubble chart. Rice particles can be used as microscopic images of living body.

I have a plan to distribute the .blend file for free on BlendSwap. But in this post, I just show you the result and behind the scene of it.

I hope the CGI ikura-don makes you hungry.



You can now download the model from Salmon caviar “Ikura-Don” | Blend Swap


CGI images:






To ring the changes for the picture and the taste, I put the Suzanne monkey wasabi on the Ikura-don.



Dripping caviars.



Development process:

This is the screenshot of the scene under development.



The material of Ikura(Salmon caviar) constitutes mix shader of orange Glass and white Glossy. The volume is volume Scatter with blue color.
It has small ball in it although this picture doesn’t display it.



The below is disposable chopsticks. I made imbalanced split edges when it was cracked into two sticks.



The below is development process of each components, salmon caviar, rice, and Ikura-don.

Evolution of salmon caviar:



Evolution of rice:



Evolution of Ikura-don:


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