Blender: I finally found Suzanne monkey is popcorn!

Suzanne monkey is the best known iconic object that many Blender users put it in their projects for testing or sample.


I couldn’t see it as a monkey.

But from my first sight to today, I don’t feel it’s a monkey. I must call it other name, but I was not sure what.

A few days ago, I was indulging in my room. Tearing an package of snack to eat, as always I reach my hand in the bag and pick one with a glance. I saw many monkeys there and between my fingers.
I was about to eat monkey! Not a monkey in biological term, it’s Suzanne monkey I saw almost everyday!


I recreated my daydream as CGI.  How do you feel about it? Do you see it’s popcorn?
If you agree with me, you can create Suzanne popcorn, because it’s just a particle of partly painted and displaced monkey.



Closing up.



A bit distant view.


I finished painting the monkey in about 20 seconds.



You can download the file from Monkey Popcorn | Blend Swap.


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