Data-Viz Idea: 3D Membrane chart


Membrane Chart with pseudo data.


The idea came when I wondered how bar chart with trend line looks in 3D.

I thought bar must be a 3D bar for sure, and line will be a cloth to cover it. And the 3D ridges fill the gap between bars as 2D line does.
Then I understood that interpolation of line in 2D transforms into stiffness of cloth in 3D.


At first, the cloak was rubber which doesn’t have transparency. But we can’t see bars without the bulges from backbones. Adding translucent material on it, I thought it should be called as “Membrane Chart”.

The result is the image on the top of the post.




Covering up with membrane is arguably not necessary to be limited by bar chart. Every 3D object could be covered even the earth.

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