Blender: Cubesurfer add-on experiments

The video below is a compilation of my experiments of CubeSurfer add-on. It’s a new add-on and still work in progress, but the feature is amazing.

Blender’s built-in fluid simulation takes long time to calculate and seems not editable after that. CubeSurfer makes meshes based on particles. It’s fast and can be applied to modifiers during simulation.

In this video, I tested the flexibility of meshes by CubeSurfer.


My favorite effect is electric pulse, if I call it. It’s just my first test of the add-on.

cubesurfer_electric pulse

The default setting of voxel and multiplier makes sparse meshes between particles. So if dropping particles, tiny meshes appear and disappear as a sudden.
When I saw that scene, I thought it’s pulse or lightning. So I change material of the meshes to emission to make electric light.


By the way, it’s as great as Molecular add-on, I think.

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