Blender CGI: Microtube of Biotechnology Lab

I made CGI model of microtube which is a disposable tube for daily use in biotechnology laboratories. It is usually filled with DNA solution or sterilized water.

One of the main job almost every day is thawing DNA in microtubes and injecting solution into the tubes.

You can download the .blender file from Microtube of Biotechnology Lab | Blend Swap.



The checker extrusion around the collar like edge of european castle is my favorite part of it.
The joint ribbon is a plane with curve modifier. It can deform along with curve that connect the body and lid.




The plastic material makes it realistic. It’s a lineage of glass, but see the edge is not black unlike ordinary glass. It mixes anisotropic material for vertical reflection.






The sequence image below is my modeling process of microtube.



The hand object was made by UP3D onĀ Simple Hand Rig | Blend Swap

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