Mass surveillance provides us with a sense of unity?



Inclusiveness of mass surveillance:

Mass surveillance is basically or in definition, a way to collect personal information without specific target. Even if it’s not reaching everyone’s personal data, suspicion of been spied on can make them feel like they are being watched.


Common experience as a social capital:

This is a common experience almost everyone who uses IT devices in the world have. The common experience can be a tool to communicate with people which have different backgrounds.

We have been seen how memes of movie, smartphone, nintendo, or disney are made as communication tool on communities, such as Reddit and Twitter. You don’t have to explain what it is to your friends, these memes tickle our experiences, and spread like virus.

Common knowledge is precious resource, since people cannot have the entire same knowledge and experience. I could say it’s a social capital to enhance communication.

For NSA scandal, people are subjected to the surveillance. What’s more, in this case, you can feel the government is in your pocket –very close.
Some people probably feel they are the victim by government.
The situation is advantageous to persons trying to make tie with people.

So, the hypothetical conclusion I made is that NSA incident makes people psychologically close as victim of the same matter.
And the mistake of the mass surveillance is its non-excludability. Unconditional surveillance spurs people’s angry and tie. There is a tradeoff between range of coverage for espionage and citizen’s sentiment.


Data can assist/refuse the argument:

  • Is there different sentiment against NSA among different social status? If so, the incident perhaps doesn’t make them feel close in terms of social class.
    I assume that lower classes don’t have much hate to NSA because they have tiny things to defend against it. Higher classes of technology savvy hate NSA because they want to be free from authorities. Higher classes working for nation appreciate NSA because they share a mutual interest.
  • Mass surveillance rises citizens’ critical spirits to government?
  • Less empathy between countries? There is a good reason to think that. Mass surveillance is a part of cyber war that are already happening. Regarding the context, different countries’ citizen might psychologically step away from each other.


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