Data-Viz Idea: Stack Pie Chart

This is a stacking pie chart, if I dare to call it.
The pie and curves are rendered by pseudo data. I think the vertical paths of arc could be time series or aggregation of each percentage data.

Unexpected though, it looks like Ikebana.



The idea came to me when I pondered a possibility of schedule based economics. The core of idea is simple.

If schedules of peoples in a country are aggregated, this is actually a pre-determined set of action in society. You can call it as cycle of society as well. And this index is similar with GDP which show aggregation of people’s action in terms of transaction.
You can also imagine schedule engineering as a administration’s measure to change society, like inflation targeting.


By the way, the blow image is the template of the result. It was rendered by D3.js and I imported it in Blender, and stacked with curves.


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