Blender: I made PRIDE FC glove by CG, and plan to recreate PRIDE

I just made the open-finger glove of PRIDE FC by Blender. The glove includes rope, wrist band, and logo,
It had long been a dream of mine, and finally my techniques catch up with it.



Of course, the gloves are supposed to be fit hands. I put it on the hand of CG person.
I made him like Fedor. Still the face need to be tweaked though.






I also made the video that shows animation of Russian Hook.
I should admit that the motion of keyframe remains clumsy. But this is almost my first attempt to render human move. So I think it will be improved through other animations in the next project.

You can touch and rotate the glove on web browser.


To recreate PRIDE, I probably need opponents, ring, entrance, and introduce VTR like Daisuke Sato’s.


The below sequence is the snapshots of development process.


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