Dataviz: Dropping words taken by Google plus API

This is intended to be a physical form of Wordle. The words came from Tim O’Reilly’s Google plus post retrieved by Google plus API.
The 3D video and images were rendered by Blender.








I got the word list by google-api-python-client and other python library as I explained the previous post.
A piece of the list is below.

[['encourage', 'your', 'local', 'superintendent', 'to', 'get', 'involved', '!', '\ufeff'], ['the', 'master', 'in', 'the', 'art', 'of', 'living', &quot;''&quot;, 'the', 'master', 'in', 'the', 'art', 'of', 'living', 'makes', 'little', 'distinction', 'between', 'his', 'work', 'and', 'his', 'play', ',', 'his', 'labor', 'and', 'his', 'leisure', ',', 'his', 'mind', 'and', 'his', 'body', ',', 'his', 'education', 'and', 'his', 'recreation', ',', 'his', 'love', 'and', 'his', 'religion', '.', 'he', 'hardly', 'knows', 'which', 'is', 'which', '.', 'he', 'simply', 'pursues', 'his', 'vision', 'of', 'excellence', 'at', 'whatever', 'he', 'does', ',', 'leaving', 'others', 'to', 'decide', 'whether', 'he', 'is', 'working', 'or', 'playing', '.', 'to', 'him', 'he', 'is', 'always', 'doing', 'both', '.', '<code></code>', 'lawrence', 'pearsall', 'jacks', '(', 'often', 'incorrectly', 'attributed', 'to', 'james', 'michener', ')', '', 'so', 'much', 'to', 'giancarlo', 'gonzalez', ',', 'who', 'recited', 'this', 'one', 'to', 'me', 'by', 'heart', '.', 'i', 'will', 'have', 'to', 'add', 'it', 'to', 'my', 'repertoire', '!', '\ufeff'],


I deleted ” and [], replaced “,” to line break to stack words.
Then in Blender, moving scripting mode, I paste the word list.

Go to edit > text to 3D object > one object per line to make text object per line.


Finally I turn the text object to mesh object by “option + C” in Mac, and add rigid body to all the objects.


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