Blender CGI: Kendama physics

I made Kendama CGI model from scratch, which is Japanese traditional toy to play throw and catch ball with the wooden bar.


The bark on the floor is a photo I took outside. I like the resulting displacement.



This is the inside of a garden lantern of a temple. Sun light comes from over there. I omitted composited shadow over the stone because the rounded shadow was unreal.



Kendama in black backdrop.



The video is a collection of rigid body physics of the Kendama. I couldn’t make string between ball and body. That was uncanny difficult more than it looks.

The hardest part is simulation of binding constraint tying ball and body. For the motion, I applied generic spring constraint and container sphere so that the ball can rotate around the body and roll on its own axis as well.



Download the file:

You can download the blend file from the Blendswap page.

    • Hi. It didn’t take so much time for modeling and animation. It probably took 5 or 6 hours within 1-2 days, because the shape of kendama is simple and material has not so mush reflection.

      I wanted to add a string to kendama. But in the testing, physics of string was not good so I deleted string in the animation.
      If I stick to the string animation, it would have taken more time to finish it.

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