Blender CGI: Sushi Monkey 2 with improved rice

This is sushi monkey with improved rice material. The monkey was dropped by cloth simulation.
I felt the result looks like sushi of shellfish. So I put the orange material on the suzanne.




Pick it up.




Subsurface Scattering problem:

In the previous post(Blender CGI: Sushi Monkey), I made sushi rice. But it looks firm.



Subsurface scattering is essential for organic skin, but there was a problem. When subsurface scattering was high, the rice particles went dark.

rice_subsurf-scatter_black2So I was force to add a diffuse shader to reduce effect of subsurface scattering.
The resulting firm rice is the side-effect.


Improved rice material:

To render subsurface scattering correctly, I turned the particles into an object.
Firstly, I converted particle to object by turing on “convert” at modifier > ParticleSystem.

particle_convert1Then, selecting every object converted from particle, I join them into one object by object > join in the menu.

Now subsurface scattering renders white rice. So I increased effect of it. The rice material is below.


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