Blender: Room scene test

This is a test for scene of room. Unlike most of my CGI projects, the backdrop is a room object, not a backdrop image.
I think the advantage of using background object, instead of background image, is that it doesn’t need to be composited and defocused.
Defocused background of image is suit for photo realistic images. But I think no defocused background is adequate for eye sight realistic image because I don’t feel much blur in my sight even there is actually much bokeh in the rest of focus in my eye sight.


A tip to show room is not too closing up camera to the main object. The margin of image make me feel that the object is in a room.

But a problem still remains on the images. The room looks like a miniature room rather than actual room. It is Probably because the detailed noises are missing in the scene. So, it is necessary to put noise and dirt on the room objects to make it more realistic.


The room object is fjcar’s Classroom.

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