RIZIN FF poster: Remake of Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong-man Choi

This is a CGI of MMA fight: Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong-man Choi in Yarennoka! New Year’s Eve 2007.

This is the moment is when Fedor was trying to armbar to Hong-man’s arm from the bottom position. Since Hong-man is a unbelievably tall opponent, Fedor was dangling the arm and failed finishing the first submission.
But after a few minutes, he succeeded almost the same technique, bringing an end to the fight.


For the scene, I modeled Hong-man Choi. The hair is a wig that is separate object from the head.
I also made a shorts for him. The cutting on the pant’s edge is not actual, it’s a transparent texture.



From the camera above. You can see sweat particles being splashed.


From the corner.


Through the ropes.


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