RIZIN FF Poster: The first Sunrise

The name of new MMA event “RIZIN” seems to have a double meaning: pun of rising and the name of Japanese God of thunder, Raijin.

I already made a poster for thunder(RIZIN FF Poster: Advent of RIZIN). And this post is for rising.

RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2015  will be held December 29 and the New Year’s Eve.
So the scene is when a astronaut wearing MMA’s open-fingered glove is doing EVA(extravehicular activity) and unwittingly see the the first sunrise of 2016.



I like the azure sun light as well, but it make the scene cold and feel me alone.


The image below is a pre-processing version.




The astronaut object is JUAN IGNACIO’s Astronaut – EMU suit – Rigged.
The satellite object is Jigar’s Satellite (CC-BY-SA).
The earth object is TheFirefly’s Earth in Cycles with a Volumetric  Atmosphere v0.2 (The earth texture is from NASA).



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