Blender Animation: Spacewalk wearing RIZIN FF MMA glove

This is a spacewalking scene of an astronaut wearing MMA glove for the New Year’s Eve MMA event, “RIZIN”.

After the astronaut leaped off the satellite for EVA, he is drifting in the space above the Earth.
Space scenes usually arouse a feeling of awe so I wish it makes such a feeling.



The video below is animated motion of the scene. He rises his hand to greed the camera while the camera is drawn to the left. But the repulsive force makes him rotate and get away from the camera.

The crease on the spacesuit made many noises so I had to a lot of rendering times for the animation: around 10 hours.


The astronaut object is JUAN IGNACIO’s Astronaut – EMU suit – Rigged.
The satellite object is Jigar’s Satellite (CC-BY-SA).
The earth object is TheFirefly’s Earth in Cycles with a Volumetric Atmosphere v0.2 (The earth texture is from NASA).

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