Blender Effect: Countdown sequences by Animation Nodes add-on

I made the seven types (cinema, flame, kanji, alphabet, timer) of countdown sequence for transition effect with Animation Nodes add-on in Blender.
I will cut and re-sample these videos to make a more exciting countdown effect for a video of RIZIN FF.


Countdown node of Animation nodes add-on:

node_animation-nodes_countdown1The basic node of countdown animation by Animation Nodes add-on is here below. The series of nodes makes countdown-number dynamically based on frame number.
The current frame number is taken by “frame” in animation > time info node.
Using number > math nodes, the frame number is divided by 24 (frame rate of a second) and subtracted by 11 to make descending order from 10. Then it is multiplied by -1 to delete minus.
After the float number is converted into integer, the integer is also converted into text.
Lastly the text data connects to text > object output node to represent the number as a text.


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